Thursday, October 19, 2017
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CoRI presents requested proposals on On-Line and Broadcast Content regulations The government recently had requested on short notice media stakeholder to provide it their views and inputs on the amendment on the Draft Regulations of the Electronic and Postal Communication Online and Broadcast.
Mukajanga launches EJAT 2017 The ninth edition of the Excellence in Journalism Awards Tanzania (EJAT) 2017 has been formally launched.
CoRI responds to government request on on-line content regulations The Coalition on Right to Information (CoRI) met on October 3, 2017 and discussed a number of issues on developments obtaining on the media landscape in the country.
Proposed Regulations on On-line Content are damned restrictive - Twaweza Twaweza has worked out scenarios which would be illegal with The Electronic and Postal Communication (Online Content) Regulations, 2017  


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mihayooandkajubiThe Ethics Committee of the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) is set to mediate four complaints on January 30,

2013, at the MCT conference room, Mwenge, Dar es Salaam. A statement issued by the Executive Secretary of the Media Council of Tanzania on January 29,2013, Kajubi Mukajanga  said that  Committee Chairman retired Justice Thomas Mihayo will preside over the hearing of complaints that will begin 9:00 am. Journalists are welcome.

Mukajanga who is also the Secretary of the Committee said in the statement that the complaints that would be mediated  involves  Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) against the Citizen newspaper, Fair Competition Commission (FCC) against Raia Mwema newspaper, Orijino Komedi against global publishers  and  East African Television (EATV)  presenter against Sani newspaper.

The statement by Mukajanga states that LHCR  has complained against the Citizen Newspaper that on May 3, 2012 it published a defamatory and false story that injured the reputation of the Non-governmental organization.

The story headlined “Scam claims hit top NGO”claimed among other things, that the LHRC was in crisis over claims of wanton embezzlement of funds, made by a management, financial and audit consulting firm with international connections.

A complaint has also been raised against Raia Mwema Newspaper in which the FCC claims that the paper on its March 21, 2012 issue published a libelous article against the Director General of the FCC, one Dr. Geoffrey E. Mariki.

The article was headlined“Kashfa betri bandia za simu Kariakoo yawagusa vigogo” is claimed to link the complainant to alleged flooding of Counterfeit phone batteries in Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam.

The Orijino Komedi  have also  raised a complaint against  Global Publishers, claiming that on different dates in August and September 2012, the company had maliciously published defamatory stories against the members of the comedy group through its newspapers namely Ijumaa, Ijumaa Wikienda, Uwazi and Risasi.

The story headlined “Mateso ya Vengu wachawi ni Orijino Komedi wenyewe” literally meant that the comedy group was responsible for the disease which attacks Vengu, one of their colleagues.

A Presenter with EATV, Patrick Nyembera, has also raised a complaint against Sani newspaper claiming that on May 26-29 2012 and June 2-5 2012 it published false and defamatory stories against him.

The stories were headlined “Mtangazaji asakwa na polisi kwa tuhuma za kutishia(Presenter wanted by police for causing terror)and “Mtangazaji wa TV Dar Mbaroni”(TV Presenter Dar in police custody).

The Media Council of Tanzania is a non-statutory self regulatory body that promotes Media freedom while enhancing responsible journalism.


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