Friday, October 20, 2017
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CoRI presents requested proposals on On-Line and Broadcast Content regulations The government recently had requested on short notice media stakeholder to provide it their views and inputs on the amendment on the Draft Regulations of the Electronic and Postal Communication Online and Broadcast.
Mukajanga launches EJAT 2017 The ninth edition of the Excellence in Journalism Awards Tanzania (EJAT) 2017 has been formally launched.
CoRI responds to government request on on-line content regulations The Coalition on Right to Information (CoRI) met on October 3, 2017 and discussed a number of issues on developments obtaining on the media landscape in the country.
Proposed Regulations on On-line Content are damned restrictive - Twaweza Twaweza has worked out scenarios which would be illegal with The Electronic and Postal Communication (Online Content) Regulations, 2017  


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jida2013The Acting Zanzibar Minister for Information, Abdillahi Jihadi Hassan launched the 2012 State of Media Report as part of the ceremony to commemorate World Press Freedom Day marked worldwide on May 3 each year.

The report published by the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) gives overall picture of trends and media performance for the year on both mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Minister Jihadi who was the official guest during the commemoration appealed to media practitioners to give voice to the voiceless and report burning issues of members of the public.

“Do not give priority to politicians, who simply tend to overuse the media for their own interests”, said Jihadi who represented the current Minister for Information, Saidi Ali Mbarouk who was on leave.

Speaking during the occasion, the MCT Manager For Regulations and Standards, Pili Mtambalike appealed to Zanzibar government to expedite the process leading to the enactment of new information legislations.

Veteran journalist and Member of the Constitutional Review Commission, Ali Saleh, said that the issue freedom of the press is still a challenge as there is lot of interference by authorities in the media practice.

“We are told that there is freedom, but journalists are killed, abducted and severely beaten’, he said adding that these things show there is no freedom.

Ali also claimed that the public was denied information especially by the government where most of the relevant information to public is held as confidential.


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